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We have a great group of ladies at Westfield and a variety of golfing options, whether you are a beginner or low handicap golfer;  whether you want to golf competitively or are just interested in having fun. Take some time to explore the links on our website and the bulletin boards in the Ladies Locker Room.   

Match Committee
The Ladies Match Committee is responsible for coordinating all Ladies' golf activities including tournaments, field days, match play and weekly draws.
Match Captain Ruth Ross
Treasurer Twila Hitchcock
Members Joan Hurst, Carol Maber, Mary Hogan

Ladies Association
Members of the Executive are elected to their respective offices at the Ladies Association Annual Meeting held in September each year.  The Ladies Association looks after the social activities. It is their responsibility to ensure that all members are made to feel welcome and are encouraged to participate in Club activities.  The Executive meet on a regular basis with the purpose of ensuring the exchange of information relative to the various programs and to be kept advised of any relative Club matters.
President Nancy Steele
Vice President Karen Walsh
Past President Cathy Hutchinson
Secretary Pat Loughery
Ladies Match Captain Ruth Ross
House Committee Cindy Donaldson and Trudy Comeau-Roper

Handicap Establishment
An 18 hole handicap is required to participate in most of the club tournaments. Five scores are required to establish a handicap and your handicap is based on the best 10 scores of your last 20 rounds. Enter all your rounds into the computer in the front hallway or from your home computer on the Golf Canada website to ensure that you are playing with a fair and accurate handicap.  If you need help with this, please ask one of us or one or your playing partners to set you up. 
Ladies Locker Room
Your membership at Westfield Golf and Country Club entitles you to the use of a locker throughout the season at no additional charge; please see Susan in the office for an assigned number and a combination lock.  This is where you will find the sign-up sheets for weekly draws, ladies club events and tournaments, posters for tournaments at other clubs, the Ringer Board, Match Play Grids, Birdie and Chip-in sheets.

Weekly Draws
Ladies with an 18 hole handicap are welcome to sign up to play with the Ladies on Wednesday Morning or Saturday morning following the crossover. Ladies choose whether they want to "count" on Wednesday or Saturday to compete for year- end prizes. Ladies should sign up by Sunday for the Wednesday draw and by Wednesday for the Saturday Draw.  If you do not make these deadlines, see the draw sheet for further instructions.  Ladies who play 9 holes follow the 18’ers.  Season long play includes the following competitions.
Ladies who prefer to play only 9 holes on Wednesday mornings have their own Sign Up Sheet on the pink bulletin board; they will be added to the Wednesday morning draw, following the 18-hole groups.

Golf Canada /Putts Rounds
Eight days are designated as Golf Canada/Putts days over the course of the golf season.   Prizes are awarded based on the best 4 low net scores of the 8 rounds. Record the number of putts you take on each hole and record the total number of putts for the 18 holes on the specified sheet in the Ladies Locker Room on the Bulletin Board. The winner will have recorded the fewest total putts determined by the best 4 of their 8 rounds.  Prizes are awarded at season end.
                                 Golf Canada / Putts Prizes
Winner $40
1st Runner up  $25
2nd Runner up $15

Molson & Harrigan Stableford Competition
Four days are assigned to the Molson & Harrigan Stableford Competition and the best 3 rounds are used to determine winners. The results for this competition will be posted so that you can track the results.
Winner $50
1st Runner up $30
2nd Runner up $20

Ringer Board
The Ringer Board is a hole-by-hole record of your personal game improvements (stroke for stroke) throughout the season. You are responsible for entering your own scores on the Ringer Board in the Ladies Locker Room.  Golfers will be divided into divisions according to handicap and prizes awarded at the end of the season for lowest scores. There are four handicap divisions, and the prize is $25.00 for each winner.
Birdies and Chip-ins
Birdies and/or Chip-ins made on the day you "count" may be recorded on the sheet in the Ladies Locker Room.  The winner will be determined by a draw at the end of the season, and she will be awarded $25.

In House Tournaments or "Fun" Days are scheduled for the remaining days each month.   Refer to the Schedule of Events and the Ladies Club Events link for details of these field days.  You should also check the monthly Calendar portion of the club’s website to determine how Men’s, Juniors’ play and outside tournaments could affect your golfing plans each week.

Most Improved Golfer
Your Match Committee has voted to reinstate the Most Improved Golfer Award in 2017.  This annual trophy will be named the Marilyn Evans Memorial Trophy, and will give         special recognition to that lady member who has reduced her 18 hole factor by the most points throughout the golfing season.
Winner $50



May 24          Golf Canada /Putts
May 31          Golf Canada /Putts & Qualifying for Memorial Match Trophy
June 7            Golf Canada /Putts
June 14         1st Round Molson & Harrigan Stableford Competition
June 21         Golf Canada /Putts
June 28         Tim Horton Westfield Ladies Invitational 9am Shotgun
July 5             2nd Round Molson & Harrigan Stableford Competition
July 12           Golf Canada /Putts
July 19           Golf Canada /Putts
July 26           Fun Day
Aug 2             3rd Round Molson & Harrigan Stableford competition
Aug 9             Scotch Ball open to all Lady golfers
Aug 16           Fun Day
Aug23            4th Round Molson & Harrigan Stableford Competition
Aug 30           Golf Canada /Putts
Sept 6            Golf Canada /Putts
Sept 13          Make Up Round if Necessary
Sept 20          9 Holes of Golf and Closing Luncheon with Prize Presentations
Sept 25          AGM with Cocktails and Entertainment
May 20          Brunch and Fun Day open to all lady golfers
May 27          Golf Canada /Putts
June 3            Golf Canada /Putts & Qualifying for Memorial Match Trophy
June 10         Golf Canada /Putts
June 17         1st Round Molson & Harrigan Stableford Competition
June 24         Golf Canada /Putts
July 1             Canada Day
July 8             2nd Round Molson & Harrigan Stableford Competition
July 15           Diana Brenan Memorial Tournament
July 22           Golf Canada /Putts
July 29           Golf Canada /Putts
Aug 5             3rd Round Molson & Harrigan Stableford competition
Aug 12/13    No Golf. Molson
Aug 19/20    Ladies Club Championship Sat/Sun 2 day event
Aug26            4th Round Molson & Harrigan Stableford Competition
Sept 2             Golf Canada /Putts
Sept 9            Golf Canada /Putts
Sept 25          AGM with Cocktails and Entertainment
There are 4 rounds scheduled during the season on Wednesday or Saturday.  This is a net competition and winners will be determined by their 3 best scores. Be sure to record your handicap on your scorecard, and turn in your scorecard so your results can be tabulated.  We will calculate your points from your scorecard and post the results online. This video link will help to provide an understanding of Stableford Competition  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pVDHc5MD1RA

 Stableford Final Results - Click Here

Memorial Match Trophy (Singles)
The Memorial Match Play Trophy is open to any lady member with an 18 hole handicap, and is a net match play competition.  Wednesday and Saturday Ladies both have a qualifying day (refer to Event Schedule) and if unable to play on one day, may play on the other. The players are then seeded according to their net scores. Please check the bulletin board or the website and ensure that your matches are played on time.  Remember, you are responsible for contacting your “Match Opponent” and arranging a mutually convenient time to play.

PLAY - The players will use 80% of their handicap- Player A (low handicap) gives Player B (high handicap) strokes equalling 80% of the difference between the two.  You mark the stroke holes on your cards and go out and play.  There are specific rules for match play which may be different from your regular game, so be sure to check the website or your rule book for instructions.   If players are tied at the end of 18 holes, play is continued with strokes originally given.

The Memorial Match Play Competition is sponsored by Heather Shuve.
Winner $100
Runner Up $75
Low Qualifying Round Winner $25
Sonja Taylor Match Play (Doubles)
The Doubles Match Play is open to any lady member with an 18 hole handicap.  You find a partner and sign up on a designated sheet on the bulletin board in the Ladies Locker Room.   If you don't have a partner, sign up as a single as there are often other players looking for a partner. The Doubles Match Play will be divided into two divisions according to the lowest handicap of the player on each team. This is a single elimination competition. Please check the bulletin board or the website and ensure that your matches are played on time.  Again, each team is responsible for contacting their “Match Opponent” to arrange mutually convenient times to play, and you can double up on Wednesday play if that works best for everybody.

PLAY - The players will use 80% of their handicap and strokes are given off the low handicap player.  80% of the difference between players’ handicaps will determine how many strokes are given to each of the players (including partner) with the higher handicap.  You mark the Stroke holes on your cards and go out and play.  If players are tied at the end of 18 holes, play is continued with strokes as originally given.  Remember, there are specific rules for match play which may be different from your regular game, so be sure to check the website or your rule book for instructions. 

The Doubles Match Play Competition is sponsored by Sonja Taylor.
DIVISION 1:             
Winners 2 x $30
Runners up 2 x $20

DIVISION 2:            
Winners 2 x $30
Runners up 2 x $20


Ladies Brunch & Fun  Day
This early season Saturday event is open to all lady members with or without a handicap. Registration is $15 which includes breakfast and prizes.  Following introductions and breakfast, we play a nine hole scramble after the morning crossover. Teams will be made up in advance according to handicaps.  This event is held annually and is a great opportunity to meet new members, re-connect with your golf buddies, and discover how well your game has wintered.
Tim Hortons Westfield Ladies Invitational
This tournament is open to ladies with an 18 hole handicap. Players from other clubs are invited to this event, so it is our ‘once a year’ opportunity to showcase our course and restaurant. This tournament offers a choice of format:   you may register as a single (this is a Player of the Year event) or you may choose to find a partner for the scramble format. There is an entrance fee for all players which includes a meal and prizes.  Registration is done through the Club’s Administration Office. There are two price options  depending whether you want a motorized cart.   Book early if you require a motorized cart as there are a limited number.

Diana Brenan Memorial Tournament
The Diana Brenan Memorial Tournament is held on a Saturday in July and is open to all ladies with an 18 hole handicap.  It is a friendly net score competition in memory of Diana Brenan who was a long time member of Westfield. The family of Diana Brenan provide the prizes for the winner and runner-up and there are also numerous smaller prizes. Registration for this event is $10.
Ladies Scotch Ball
This field day is held on a Wednesday in early August and is open to all lady members with an established handicap, either 9 or 18 holes.  This your opportunity to play with our Niner members, and is a “fun” event.  Find a partner and remember the format is modified Scotch Ball.   This means both players on the team hit their drive from the tee, then hit each other's ball for the second shot.   You then determine the best ball and that ball is played alternate shot until it is holed out.  There is a $10.00 registration fee to cover the cost of prizes.  The laughs are all free.
Ladies Club Championship
The Ladies Club Championship is a two day event played on Saturday and Sunday, usually the third week of August and is open to all ladies with an 18 hole handicap. The winner will have the best (the lowest) total gross score for those two consecutive days. The tournament is divided into two divisions with gross and net prizes in both divisions.  The Likely Family sponsors the Ladies Club Championship.

Winner $175
Runner Up $100
Low Net of the Field $75
Division Prizes  $150

Thursdays Night Ladies
Thursday Night Ladies is a fun evening of golf for members and non-members of all skill levels.  It is a great way to introduce a friend who is a casual golfer to our club; it also gives occasional golfers a chance to participate.  There is a different format for the competition each week and we emphasize the fun portion of the evening.   The cost is $10.00   for members and $25.00 for green fee players. This price includes nine holes of golf, a glass of wine or beer and allegedly fabulous prizes. We tee off on the front nine in a 5:30 shotgun start and then come in for a social gathering/meal while the prizes are awarded. You can call the pro shop to sign up with your own group or ask to be added to a group.


The rules of golf are updated every four years.  The rules and revisions for 2017 can be referenced through the following links:  
Click Here for Rules of Golf

The NBGA Rules Quick Reference Guide may be useful to print and carry in your bag.
Click Here for Golf NB Quick Guide

Local Rules
  1. Relief may be taken from exposed rock in the fairway if the rock interferes with the lie of your ball, stance or swing.
  2. Stones in the bunker may be removed without penalty.
  3. Range finders that measure distance only are permitted
Rules, Hints and Etiquette of Match Play

The Difference between Match and Stroke Play

Etiquette (from Golf Canada Website)
The Spirit of the Game Golf is played, for the most part, without the supervision of a referee or umpire. The game relies on the individual to show consideration for other players and to play by the Rules. All players should show courtesy and sportsmanship at all times, no matter how competitive they may be. This is the spirit of the game of golf.
1. If you’re playing with people you don’t know, introduce yourself on the first tee.
2. After finishing play and leaving the last green, thank them for their company and shake their hand.

1. Make sure no one is near you when you swing your club.
2. Make sure no one is in front of you and make sure the group in front is clearly out of range before you make a shot.
3. Always shout “Fore” when your ball is in danger of hitting someone.
4. Do not stand directly behind the player, the ball or the hole when a player is making a stroke.

Consideration of Others
1. Make sure you follow the dress code of the golf course.
2. Try to avoid the  use cellular phones on the course as it can be distracting.
3. Stand still and don’t talk when another player is playing.
4. Do not stand directly behind the ball or on the opposite side of the hole when a player is making a stroke.

Putting Green
1. Do not stand on another player’s line of putt.
2. Stay on or around the putting green until everyone in your group has holed out.
3. Mark your scorecard on the next tee, not on the putting green.
4. Replace the flagstick carefully when your group has finished playing the hole.
5. Do not stand directly behind the player, the ball or the hole when a player is making a stroke.

Pace of Play
1. Be ready to play when it is your turn.
2. One practice swing is normally enough.
 3. Keep up with the group in front of you. If you are slow, try to catch up or let the group behind play through.
4. Watch the shots of everyone in your group.
5. Play ready golf if your group is falling behind.
6. Line up your putt while others are putting and be ready to play when it’s your turn.
7. Don’t replay missed putts.
8. Record scores on the next tee, not on the putting green.
9. When playing from a cart: place your bag or park your cart between the green and next tee.

Care of the Course
1. Always wear golf, tennis shoes or sneakers.
2. Replace your divots.
3. Rake bunkers after you play from them. Leave them in the condition you would like to play from.
4. Fix your ball marks on the putting green and fix any others you see.
5. Keep your golf bag off the putting green. Remove and replace the flagstick carefully to avoid damaging the hole.
 6. Keep pull carts and power carts away from greens .


Reciprocal Golf Clubs
Cedar Brae Golf & Country Club
Sussex Golf & Curling Club Moncton Golf Club Outside Tournaments
Playing in an Invitational at another Club is a great opportunity to play a different course, enjoy a meal and make some new friends. Check the bulletin board in the Ladies Locker Room for posters or visit the Golf NB website: Click Here

Golf NB 2 for 1 Cards
You can Purchase the cards from the Pro Shop for $25 + tax.
They are 2 for 1 Green fees at most of the golf clubs around NB.